Geotechnical + Construction Services

Pioneer’s geotechnical engineering staff becomes actively involved in the planning stages of a project, often in consort with the architects, civil and structural engineers.  We evaluate subsurface conditions to determine technically sound and cost-effective options for projects ranging from a straightforward soil investigation for the construction of a single-family residence to the complex engineering analysis for the design and construction of a high-rise building using a caisson and grade beam foundation system.

Able and creative partners are key when designing and redeveloping a site.

Pioneer also operates its own drilling equipment, and our rigs are mounted on a variety of vehicles that allow us to drill virtually any site, regardless of terrain.  Our equipment is continuously maintained and calibrated to ensure top performance and reliability. Pioneer’s soil testing laboratory performs an array of physical tests for soils, including:

  • Unconfined Compressive Strength
  • Permeability
  • Grain Size Analysis
  • Density and Moisture Content

Pioneer’s construction materials testing group uses its expertise to fully evaluate site-specific conditions and ensure full compliance with project specifications.  Our field inspection technicians are equipped with the latest in testing instrumentation to ensure accurate data is produced on time and within budget.  Following is a partial list of the field inspection services offered by Pioneer:

  • Concrete Slump, Air Entrainment and Molding of Test Cylinders
  • Soil Bearing Capacity Inspections (Shallow & Deep Foundations)
  • Nuclear Density Testing of Soil, Fill Materials, and Asphalt
  • Non-Destructive & Destructive Concrete Testing
  • Rebar and Steel Inspections
  • Mortar Sampling & Testing