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This is how we define our firm.  At Pioneer Engineering & Environmental Services you have a proven and trusted partner to help you achieve your project goals.  We offer a wide range of environmental consulting and engineering services, from initial due diligence through final site closure and redevelopment.

Pioneer is a top ranked full-service consulting and contracting firm headquartered in Chicago and working throughout the US.

For 35 years, Pioneer has provided high-quality environmental and engineering services at an affordable cost.  Our responsiveness and attention to customer service set us apart from the crowd, while our technical abilities enable our clients to reap the maximum benefit from our work product.

Featured Case Study

Geotechnical Investigation – Former CHA Redevelopment

Pioneer performed a comprehensive geotechnical investigation for the proposed redevelopment consisting of a series of 2- to 4-story masonry/frame structures with concrete slab-on-grade floors and mid-rise 4- to 5-story multifamily residential buildings.

The site generally consisted of approximately 8 to 15 feet of miscellaneous urban fill, overlying very tough to soft silty clay deposits. These urban fill materials were considered to be contaminated for purposes of disposal.

Through a series of soil borings and test pit excavations, Pioneer determined that the fill materials were relatively compact and free of void spaces and organic materials. Subsequent calculations verified that a low …

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