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This is how we define our firm.  At Pioneer Engineering & Environmental Services you have a proven and trusted partner to help you achieve your project goals.  We offer a wide range of environmental consulting and engineering services, from initial due diligence through final site closure and redevelopment.

Pioneer is a top ranked full-service consulting and contracting firm headquartered in Chicago and working throughout the US.

For over 30 years, Pioneer has provided high-quality environmental and engineering services at an affordable cost.  Our responsiveness and attention to customer service set us apart from the crowd, while our technical abilities enable our clients to reap the maximum benefit from our work product.

Featured Case Study

Geotechnical Investigation – Warehouse Facility, Chicago, IL

Pioneer performed a geotechnical investigation for a proposed 105,000 square-foot warehouse facility. The investigation identified very poor subsoils consisting of urban fill to a depth of 16 feet below existing grade, followed by soft clay to approximately 25 feet. Below this layer, the silty clay exhibited a stiff consistency to a depth of 30 feet and bedrock was encountered at 36 feet below existing grade.

Pioneer’s settlement analysis predicted excessive differential settlements of the proposed foundations and floor slabs if placed on these existing soils. To further complicate site conditions, the surficial soils were environmentally contaminated which made it too …

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