Brownfields Development

Through grants supplied by the US EPA, municipalities are able to secure funds to perform Phase I ESAs, subsurface investigations (Phase IIs), and even remediation for designated Brownfields sites in their community.  Pioneer assists municipalities through this process, including performing the work and developing an appropriate closure strategy.

The redevelopment of abandoned or underutilized properties is commonplace these days and the inherent value of urban infill sites combined with our proven track record of success create lucrative opportunities for our clients.

With Pioneer’s combined environmental site assessment and geotechnical investigation capabilities, private sector clients have increasingly depended on Pioneer to provide assistance with environmental land planning for the redevelopment of Brownfield sites.  Pioneer evaluates the cost implications associated with various land plans and foundation systems in conjunction with (soil, soil gas, and groundwater) contamination issues at a site to find you the most cost-effective solution.

Pioneer also has experience working with the major state and federal regulating bodies and programs, and is extremely proficient in navigating through the network of regulations and bureaucracy to achieve formal site closures.

Pioneer’s typical Brownfields redevelopment services include:

  • Review of site’s contaminant conditions
  • Review of the proposed site layout
  • Foundation system recommendations
  • Cost analysis for contaminated construction spoils
  • Remediation cost estimates
  • Engineered barrier options