Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closures

Pioneer can provide both the project management and environmental consulting expertise needed to properly design and execute a UST removal project as well as evaluate compliance issues at sites with existing UST systems. We regularly work with advising clients on regulatory matters and can also serve as the turnkey specialist and perform both the contracting and consulting functions on tank removal projects. All our work is conducted in strict accordance with state and federal UST laws and regulations, and a perfect safety record is a testament to the quality of the people and practices employed at each UST project we work on.

Pioneer has performed a wide range of UST-related services ranging from full gasoline station decommissioning projects to the removal of tanks with capacities from 500 gallons to 20,000 gallons.

Local, regional and national petroleum retailers, marketers, and owner/operators contract with Pioneer to solve their UST-related problems. Pioneer is especially proficient in handling UST projects where releases are discovered and in navigating the regulatory frameworks of the various local, state, and federal agencies as well as obtaining reimbursement for eligible costs from state funds where applicable. Our cumulative abilities and combined expertise in the many aspects of UST removal projects provide a consistent and results-oriented approach that has proven successful for 35 years in business.